February 25, 2015 | Earth Intelligence

30 cm satellite imagery: see more detail in the living digital inventory of our changing planet

We are happy to announce the commercial introduction of 30 cm satellite imagery.

February 19, 2015 | Earth Intelligence

Exogenesis straps in for the GBD ride

Meet our new geospatial big data (GBD) partner, Exogenesis!

February 17, 2015 | Earth Intelligence

End of an era – QuickBird’s final image

On 1/27/15, one of DigitalGlobe’s oldest/most historically significant satellites, QuickBird, re-entered Earth’s atmosphere after completing its 13-year mission on orbit.

January 28, 2015 | Earth Intelligence

DigitalGlobe Helps Combat Elephant Poaching in Africa with Geospatial Analysis

A new report published by DigitalGlobe, African Parks, Enough Project and the Satellite Sentinel Project details how the use of satellite imagery and predictive analytics is helping park rangers combat illegal elephant poaching.

January 27, 2015 | Earth Intelligence

Visual Evidence of Human Rights Abuse on the Ground in Nigeria

January 20, 2015 | Earth Intelligence

DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery and Analysis Transforming Livelihoods of Smallholder Farmers in the Developing World

Reshaping crop-based production systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

January 09, 2015 | Earth Intelligence

Top Satellite Image of 2014 is a Gem for Geologists!

December 02, 2014 | Earth Intelligence

Bringing the Power of Geospatial Big Data to Financial Markets

November 20, 2014 | Earth Intelligence

DigitalGlobe and Exelis Discuss Remote Sensing Approaches for Large-Scale Problems

October 30, 2014 | Earth Intelligence

DigitalGlobe Unveils 30 cm Imagery from WorldView-3

October 23, 2014 | Earth Intelligence

From a bird, from a plane, from a … satellite?

October 20, 2014 | Earth Intelligence

Insight from Satellite Imagery Helps Oil and Gas Companies

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