Geologists and mining companies can save time and exploration costs by analyzing imagery with shortwave infrared bands that can differentiate between specific minerals in order to focus their attention on the most interesting areas. DigitalGlobe’s fourth annual Top Satellite Image of the Year contest began December 8, 2014, and ran through the end of month. The 25 contest images were gathered from the trillions of pixels that were captured by our constellation of satellites last year and selected by DigitalGlobe’s employees by popular vote. However, the selection of images comprised more than just stunning shots of the globe. The images demonstrated the wide range of capabilities and diverse industries DigitalGlobe supports. The top five images alone were relevant to four diverse customer segments: global development organizations, location-based services, civil governments, and the mining industry. Throughout the contest, thousands of votes were cast via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter during two rounds of online voting. The image of the Diavikk Diamond Mine led the pack in the first round of voting, but Rainbow Range in Canada took the top spot during final round of voting. The first runner up was Glastonbury Festival in England, followed by the Diavikk Diamond Mine. We look forward to another successful Top Images campaign in 2015 and want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s contest. To learn more about the industries DigitalGlobe serves:
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