One of DigitalGlobe’s information partners, Orbital Insight, was recently the subject of a Wall Street Journal feature (subscription required) about how information derived from high resolution satellite imagery is being leveraged by the financial services industry. With financial markets moving faster and becoming more complex by the day, traders are increasingly seeking new sources of insight to gain an edge. Orbital Insight leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms and analysis against huge volumes of satellite imagery made available by DigitalGlobe’s Geospatial Big Data™ platform, allowing for accurate, verifiable information to be extracted. Orbital Insight’s offerings include information products that monitor the pace of building construction in China by measuring the shadows cast by new buildings; predict agricultural output by analyzing crops during the growing season; and count the number of cars in thousands of retail parking lots to predict sales. James Crawford, Orbital Insight’s chief executive officer, explained why his company’s products require satellite imagery of the highest quality to deliver actionable information to clients. “DigitalGlobe is the largest provider of commercial satellite imagery to Orbital Insight, for good reason,” Crawford said. “In order to provide valuable insight to our clients, we need the sharpest, most current, most spectrally rich source imagery to power our unique algorithms. DigitalGlobe’s vast imagery archive and unique Geospatial Big Data delivery platform also allow us to validate our statistical models over time and monitor key economic indicators on a global basis.”
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