In a recent interview with the Federal News Network, Tony Frazier, Executive Vice President for Global Field Operations at Maxar, discussed the integration of DigitalGlobe, Radiant Solutions, SSL and MDA under one brand, Maxar Technologies. This unification brings together incredible end-to-end capabilities for space-based missions and Earth intelligence.

Tony Frazier (second from left) appears on the set of Federal News Network with host John Gilroy (left), Mark Giaconia (Maxar Director of Analytics Engineering, second from right) and Chris Shank (Maxar Vice President for Civil and National Security Space, right).

“We’ve been on a journey over the past decade to go from collecting lots of information, what we call pixels, to turning that into information and insight,” said Frazier. In the interview, he explains how Maxar’s industry-leading high-resolution satellite imagery enabled it to become “…early adopters of emerging technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to support the process of extracting all of the information from our imagery and turning it into useful information.”

Watch the full interview below to learn more about Maxar’s role in driving critical innovation of and application of emerging space-based technologies.

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