A quartet of remote sensing experts from DigitalGlobe and Exelis VIS recently met on a Google Hangout to talk about how satellite imagery and cloud computing technologies can tackle daunting large-scale problems. DigitalGlobe’s Kumar Navulur and Bill Baugh summarize a few recent examples, including how the company:
  • Helped mitigate a dust pollution problem in California;
  • Reduced human exposure to toxic mine run-off in Chile; and
  • Assessed the impact of the ongoing conflict in Syria on the nation’s agricultural output.
Participants: Kumar Navulur is Sr. Director of Strategic Business development at DigitalGlobe. He has over 22 years experience in the Geospatial and remote sensing industry. Bill Baugh is a Senior Scientist for Advanced Geospatial Products at DigitalGlobe. His work focuses on leveraging spectral science to enable practical information products. Rebecca Lasica is a Sr. Solutions Engineer at Exelis VIS and has been immersed in software and remote sensing science for ten years. She is a University of MN alumni with industry expertise focused on satellite, airborne, and UAS image analytics. Beau Legeer is US Sales and Services Manager at Exelis VIS. He has over 23 years of experience with desktop and enterprise image analysis and data visualization solutions.
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