DigitalGlobe has big plans to make an impact not only in the traditional GIS and satellite imaging sphere, but also in many aspects of commercial business in a way never before possible. Although the Geospatial Big Data (GBD) initiative is relatively new to the landscape of the company, our plans are pretty big! We want to become the indispensable source of spatial information for many new industries by leveraging existing assets like our HUGE catalog of imagery collected over the last 15+ years and the tremendous talent pool across our company. But even though the folks here are pretty smart, people outside of DigitalGlobe are just as smart (and even smarter) about their respective industries and technologies. In order for GBD to help us reach our lofty goals, we must build an ecosystem around our data, technology, and infrastructure. We recently announced an agreement with another awesome partner -- and they are just down the road from DigitalGlobe! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="400"] Exogenesis’s APEX Engine uses DigitalGlobe satellite imagery to monitor millions of properties to detect substantive changes, such as this new building.[/caption] We recently signed Exogenesis of Lafayette, Colo., to a Platform as a Service (PaaS) agreement and opened the door to a partnership that we hope lasts for a long time to come. As one of our early PaaS adopters, Exogenesis is a spatial information company that has embraced our GBD offering. They are building on our powerful, scalable cloud computing + spatial analysis + DigitalGlobe’s vast catalog of high-resolution data to provide customers with the information they need to make decisions. The team at Exogenesis has ambitious plans to first unveil a parcel-based information product across large geographic areas – and to pull that off they have chosen to cast their lot with the GBD group! We are looking forward to getting out to a fast start with Exogenesis. DigitalGlobe’s GBD team is providing them access to our platform, the ability to upload their own proprietary algorithms, and well over 3 terabytes of data. And they are not wasting time either, as they have already started accessing data and leveraging the unique GBD environment. If you’re thinking, “it sounds like GBD and Exogenesis were made for each other,” we are too! Our team is excited to see what Exogenesis will bring to their customers with the power of GBD behind them. David Loomis is a GBD Solutioneer at DigitalGlobe.
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