In March, Maxar CEO Dan Jablonsky announced that going forward, our business units―DigitalGlobe, Radiant Solutions and SSL­―would be one Maxar, along with our Canada-based business MDA. Since then, we have seen just how powerful we can be as one, how with our combined capabilities we can unlock global-scale insights about our changing planet and at velocity—to better focus on our customers and what they need, and deliver solutions, fast.

By bringing it all together, our customers get the full power of everything Maxar has to offer: a platform powered by GBDX, Earth Observation and SAR data from the DigitalGlobe and MDA satellite constellations, and world-class domain expertise from Radiant Solutions. We’ve got the best technologies, tools and talent that we deploy to understand, analyze and solve our customers’ challenges.

Our Earth Intelligence platform contains petabytes of data from Maxar’s satellites combined with a growing library of content from around the globe. And to derive actionable insights from all the information, we have the expert tradecraft and expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and big data integration. We have the best and brightest technologists and geospatial intelligence analysts in the world with incredible IP in advanced machine learning technologies for object detection, change detection and predictive analytics. Our team analyzes information from IoT devices, drone sensors, ground images, terrain data, news and social media feeds, global weather and oceanographic observations.

We deploy all our capabilities to deliver Insight-as-a-Service to help customers be more predictive in their critical decisions and more productive in their daily operations. As one Maxar, we are the best source for Earth Intelligence.

If you’re at GEOINT June 2-5, stop by booth #639 and learn more about one Maxar.

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