It’s my pleasure to announce an exciting milestone in the initial build out of Basemap +Vivid. This week, our world-class production team finished the mosaic of Alaska–meaning we’ve completed the +Vivid mosaic of the entire world. [caption id="attachment_5158" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Hubbard Glacier as seen in DigitalGlobe Basemap Vivid Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier, now available online in Basemap +Vivid[/caption] Our revolutionary large-area mosaic product covers over 99% of the world’s population (across 155 million km2) and is available on-the-shelf immediately. Subscribers have access to beautiful mosaicked views of all land on Earth, refreshed regularly with new content. This is great news for customers that use Basemap +Vivid as a base layer for building and updating road vector databases, identifying under-served settlements or publishing a beautiful whole-world image online. [caption id="attachment_5159" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Mara Tanzania as seen in Basemap Vivid Updated imagery in Basemap +Vivid helps put settlements on the map, like this one in Mara, Tanzania.[/caption] More than ten years ago, DigitalGlobe started working on the first “skin of the earth” image layer. A few years later, that baseline evolved into Basemap +Vivid, a single image view that eliminates the “patchwork effect.” Today, the vision is realized with mosaic coverage of the entire world – a real, living, digital globe. The first skin of the earth is complete, but we’re not resting on our laurels. Right now, our team is hard at work refreshing the content in the countries with the highest customer demand–so Basemap +Vivid continues to offer the most compelling Earth view anywhere. In Q1 and Q2 2017, look for updated imagery for Australia, Japan, USA and Mexico, as well as Western Europe from Spain to Italy and all the way north to Denmark. [caption id="attachment_5160" align="aligncenter" width="800"]El Arco Cabo San Lucas as seen in Basemap Vivid Imagery for El Arco, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is ready for update this spring.[/caption] In the next few months, we’ll refresh some of the most interesting areas in the world. Not only will these areas have the latest imagery, they will also include all the product upgrades we’ve developed along the way. Building a mosaic is both art and science, and we’ve channeled da Vinci over the last few years to master it. The results are truly impressive. [caption id="attachment_5161" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Anchiano Italy as seen in Basemap Vivid A new view of the Village of Anchiano, Italy, birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci, ready for Basemap +Vivid.[/caption] To find the latest product info on DigitalGlobe Basemap, visit the website anytime.
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