I’m excited to announce general availability of our new imagery search and discovery tool Discover, delivering on a big commitment DigitalGlobe made to our customers. Discover is tablet-friendly and features an efficient and intuitive way to search our industry-leading high-resolution satellite imagery library to find relevant content. It will soon replace ImageFinder—our search tool for the past 20-plus years, which will transition to a well-deserved retirement by the end of 2017. Thanks to the beta testers out there who provided excellent feedback and helped us debut Discover in its current state. We’ll continue to make improvements as needed, so please keep your suggestions coming. Over the next months, you’ll see new features to enable efficient manual use and superior integration with automated workflows. As future needs arise, we’ll continue to keep up with (and exceed!) user expectations and set a new bar in the industry. Here’s another important announcement about Discover: it will be the only DigitalGlobe search and discovery tool for WorldView-4 imagery. Commercial availability for WorldView-4 content is coming this year, so watch for it in your Discover search results. Discover is the first of many customer experience-related operations enhancements coming from DigitalGlobe. These improvements are being made for our customers based on feedback from you—and are all aimed at enhancing the speed, efficiency and simplicity of doing business with us. You can start using Discover today and be on the lookout for those additional enhancements I mentioned. We’re excited to take this first step in a never-ending journey to make your job easier. If you’re attending the 2017 ESRI User Conference, stop by to try Discover. It’s the perfect opportunity for some hands-on experimentation, since Discover leverages ESRI technology and we’ll have experts there to answer questions and capture your feedback. Hope to see you then!
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