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Follow the path to a consumer-grade or professional-grade imagery basemap [Infographic]

By: Maxar Technologies Read Time: 2 minutes

Casey and Brett Casey: All year, we’ve been talking about the differences in types of imagery basemaps, and how important it is to use the right one for the job. Brett, your Google Maps Engine blog post from July is one of our most popular posts, and your “How Will the Google Maps Changes Affect Your Workflow?” webinar continues to attract new viewers. Why do you think that is? Brett: You know, Google Maps Engine has been a great geospatial tool, and there is a lot of confusion about its deprecation. There are many nuances surrounding the replacements out there, but they all offer different options for access to Google Maps content. The same goes for other well-known content providers. I’m an expert, and I still have trouble understanding which product gives access to what content, and what the limitations are for each one. Casey: The differences are something that people with a technical background can usually understand, but for business decision-makers, the differences and consequences aren’t immediately apparent. Although consumer-grade imagery basemaps are a fantastic resource for information on your phone when you’re on the go, they’re not always the best choice for business applications. Brett: Absolutely! Casey: We put together this infographic to highlight those differences in a fun way. (We do mention Sasquatch.) If you’re new to geospatial, it introduces some of the key concepts like positional accuracy and the need for recent data. But if you've been in the industry for a long time, there are plenty of inside jokes to make you smile. Ultimately, we hope it gets you thinking about if you need a consumer-grade or professional-grade imagery basemap. Check it out:

(click image for enlarged version)

[Infographic] Do you need a consumer-grade or professional-grade imagery basemap?

(click image for enlarged version)

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