As a global organization, Maxar knows firsthand the strength and importance of diverse teams. Historically, industries grounded in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have not always reflected a diverse workforce. Despite much progress, women and individuals with certain racial and ethnic backgrounds remain underrepresented. Maxar remains committed to acting as a catalyst for change through our support and involvement in the Brooke Owens Fellowship and Patti Grace Smith Fellowship.

The Brooke Owens Fellowship is a nationally acclaimed nonprofit program recognizing exceptional undergraduate women and other gender minorities with space and aviation internships, senior mentorship and a lifelong professional network. Six “Brookies” have spent summers as Maxar interns since 2017, and we’re excited to welcome #7 this summer: Mya G., a junior at The Pennsylvania State University studying aerospace engineering. Returning to Maxar for a second summer, Mya was a 2021 Patti Grace Smith Fellow.

We are also pleased to continue our partnership with a sister program, the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship. Established in 2020, this fellowship is dedicated to empowering Black excellence in aerospace. Maxar is fortunate to again welcome two interns from this program:

Bille D. studies aerospace engineering at University of Notre Dame. His desire to be in an environment that aligned with his own personal beliefs and matched his ambition led him to Maxar.

De’Ashley S. is a student at Old Dominion University studying mechanical engineering. She hopes her Maxar internship will serve as a path to facilitate her career development through actively engaging with experienced professionals.

Maxar is only as strong as our workforce. And that strength can only come from a diverse team. We’re grateful to organizations like the Brooke Owens Fellowship and the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship that help us find talented students so we can help develop the workforce of tomorrow.

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