Women's History Month is a time to acknowledge and celebrate the profound impact of women in shaping history, society and the workforce. We spoke with three remarkable female colleagues who are integral members at Maxar and active participants in the Maxar Women's Network Employee Resource Group (ERG). Learn more about the significance of Women's History Month to them.

Wendy Carande, Manager, Navigation System; Jacqueline Godina Silveira, Senior Staff Aerospace Engineer; Rebecca Thompson, Supervisor, Operations Support Engineering (left to right).

Q: What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Jacqueline: Women’s History Month is a very special time for me. It gives me an opportunity to honor and appreciate all the achievements that women have had throughout history. My mom was a single parent, and she has been my role model from a very young age. This month reminds me of all that I have accomplished thanks to the many sacrifices she made in her life. She embodies the attitude and perseverance that many women have had to have throughout history. Women’s History Month is a time to value and celebrate all the strong role models that we as women have had not only in history, but also in our personal lives.

Wendy: Women’s History Month is a chance to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of women who have contributed to the advancement of technology and society. At Maxar Intelligence, the Maxar Women’s Network uses this month as an opportunity for networking and recognition for talented women across the organization.

Q: How does Maxar value women in the workplace?

Jacqueline: Maxar has always been an inclusive workspace for women. Every team I’ve been part of has always provided me with the space and opportunity to express my ideas and feel comfortable to be 100% myself. Everyone has always been supportive. Maxar appreciates the value of having women representation in all teams and communities.

Rebecca: In my experience, Maxar management has been respectful and attentive to the women in the company. I appreciate that my boss understands my thought process and values my contribution to our group.

Q: What woman in history has influenced you the most or had the biggest impact on your life? How and/or why?

Rebecca: Eleanor Roosevelt influenced me the most. Her quote “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”, helped me through trying times--leaving the military, new jobs, and divorce. She was strong in character and mind and wasn’t one that seemed to take much from the people around her. My goal in life is to be as strong and powerful, inside and out.

Wendy: As a kid, I watched every space shuttle launch, and I particularly admired Mae Jemison. In her post-astronaut career, she supported youth science camps, and I have always believed that nurturing a love of science in kids is paramount to the future of science and technology. When the space shuttle Endeavor went on display at the California Science Center, I got a behind the scenes tour from a friend and got misty-eyed witnessing the scale and beauty of the vehicle that brought Mae Jemison to space.

Q: Name a woman that inspires you at Maxar and explain why.

Jacqueline: Barb Dehne, Sr Manager, Agile Management. She is a strong, kind, and extremely knowledgeable leader within the Spacecraft Engineering group. She is not only someone who knows how to get things done, but she is able to do so with a smile on her face! She inspires me every day to be a better engineer.

Rebecca: All the women at Maxar inspire me! Working in an environment that is majority male, we are all compelled to champion our beliefs and ideals within our industry.

Wendy: Every single woman I have worked with on the WorldView Legion launch team is impressive and inspiring. They embody the knowledge, grit, and integrity that are paramount to the success of a large-scale program like WorldView Legion.

Women of WordView Legion launch team.

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