Maxar Technologies, a trusted partner and innovator in Earth intelligence and space infrastructure, today received an important distinction: Esri named Maxar a 2020 Cornerstone Partner. Maxar earned this recognition due to its 20-year partnership with Esri and its dedication and commitment to Esri and the geographic information systems (GIS) community.

“Esri is proud to name Maxar as a 2020 Cornerstone Partner,” said Jeff Peters, Esri director of global business development. “Esri and Maxar have innovated together over the decades to bring the latest geospatial data to ArcGIS® end users, and I look forward to our continued work together.”

Maxar accepting 2020 Cornerstone Partner award from Esri
Maxar representatives Tom Jones (holding the certificate) and Kumar Navulur (left) accept the Esri Cornerstone Partner recognition from Jack Dangermond, Esri’s founder and president (second from left) and Jeff Peters, Esri director of global business development (right).

For years, Esri has integrated Maxar’s industry-leading geospatial data into its Living Atlas of the World, a collection of geographic information from around the world, including maps, apps and data layers. These Maxar products are available to Esri users:

  • Vivid and Metro imagery mosaic products: the highest resolution, most accurate and visually consistent global image mosaics available on the market and updated annually. The accuracy of these mosaics allows vector features extracted by ArcGIS creators to be precise, enabling end users to create insights when and where it matters most.
San Diego Convention Center-Maxar satellite imagery mosaic
Maxar’s satellite imagery mosaic shows the San Diego Convention Center and it is displayed in Esri’s ArcGIS software.
  • NaturalVue® 2.0: the highest quality, global and virtually cloud-free 15-meter resolution mosaic created with more than 60,000 Landsat 8 images. NaturalVue 2.0 provides a seamless basemap that reflects the Earth’s true colors for applications such as cartographic mapping, 3D visualization and GPS tracking.
Maxar NaturalVue 2.0 mosaic_Lake Yamma Yamma Australia
Maxar’s NaturalVue 2.0 mosaic shows Lake Yamma Yamma in Australia. This dataset is available via Esri’s Living Atlas of the World.
  • National Urban Change Indicator (NUCI): an innovative, commercial urban change detection product that highlights areas of new construction activity by isolating changes that persist over time. Derived from more than 13,000 Landsat images, NUCI enables analysts to quickly identify areas of urban expansion across the landscape of the continental United States by filtering out the noise from seasonal, agricultural and other natural cycles that hamper traditional image-to-image change detection methods.
Maxar NUCI-Washington DC
Maxar’s NUCI product displays where changes has happened across the landscape of the continental United States (the Washington, D.C. metro area shown above). NUCI’s archive covers nearly 30 years of change.

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