Stanislaus County in California recently signed with DigitalGlobe for Precision Aerial Imagery. DigitalGlobe Product Manager Kevin Bullock talks more about the product, and why it’s significant for governments and businesses alike. What exactly is Precision Aerial Imagery? Precision Aerial delivers the industry’s first high-quality, wall-to-wall collection of 30 cm natural color (RGB) and 60 cm color infrared (CIR) aerial orthomosaics covering 10 million square kilometers (four million square miles) across the contiguous United States and Western Europe. Thanks to our agreement with Microsoft, premium quality imagery is acquired exclusively using Microsoft’s UltraCamG digital imaging technology to provide comprehensive coverage with industry leading accuracy, quality and aesthetics. How is it delivered to customers? Powered by the company’s Cloud Service platform, Precision Aerial Imagery gives customers unlimited, fast and easy online access to all existing and newly collected imagery from the subscribed region or regions, for as long as the subscription is active. Customers can also choose to have imagery delivered on hard drives or via FTP/Web-based delivery. With such flexible delivery options, DigitalGlobe helps governments and businesses make more informed decisions, tailored to the way their business operates. Who uses this product? It suits a range of purposes. Civil governments use it to manage infrastructure, for planning, for cartography and census projects and for land classification and disaster preparedness. Engineering, oil and gas, power, mining and retail enterprises use it for planning, impact analysis, risk analysis and to guide transportation and production. Consumer companies use it to enhance their web portal, handset, tablet and navigation solutions. Why did Stanislaus County sign up to use aerial imagery? The county uses aerial imagery to monitor changes and manage government projects, and uses DigitalGlobe aerial imagery as a means to help save time and money. The county previously used multiple vendors to source imagery. Now it can select only the specific imagery it needs, giving its GIS users the visual perspective to quickly see where changes have occurred, or manage projects without always having to go into the field. For Stanislaus, it is the off-the-shelf solution that simplifies the process of detecting and managing change in the long term. How will you expand the product in the future? We expect to continue to expand our aerial coverage to include an additional six million square kilometers of refreshed coverage over the course of the next several years.
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