Esri and Vricon Integrate FMV for Crucial Identifications

We want to thank our partners at Esri for today’s blog—big shout-out to David Attaway and Kenyon Huber-Wilker for sharing their insights! Now, over to the authors…

The integration of Esri and Vricon creates a win-win situation. Using Vricon’s 3D Surface Model within ArcPro gives Esri users the opportunity to “see what others can’t.” We can easily take advantage of Vricon’s high-quality, highly accurate 3D data to perform and visualize interactive viewsheds. We can also integrate full-motion video (FMV) files and identify key anomalies we wouldn’t otherwise see (e.g., understanding where moving vehicles within a video become blocked by 3D features such as a building).

Viewing FMV inside Esri’s ArcGIS Pro allows users to take advantage of exciting features to quickly and easily analyze video data in tandem with Vricon 3D surface data. The example Kenyon demonstrates below shows how to make crucial identifications using Vricon 3D data to both visually look at the FMV perspective or line of sight from the sky and also analyze the viewpoint of someone on the ground who is identifying the vehicle’s position and visibility.

The ability to provide decision support in operational environments with a dataset like Vricon’s is invaluable. By using Vricon data inside ArcGIS Pro, users understand the viewpoint, obstructions, and gaps in coverage for situational awareness. As such, 3D models provide a view most of us don’t know, especially when we’re using datasets that show parts of the world we are less familiar with.

The example that David shares below demonstrates how multiple full-motion videos can run simultaneously within ArcPro and highlights the use of Vricon data to see obstructions and the field of view of the sensor.

The geospatially enabled characteristics of FMV and Vricon are well suited for real-time or forensic analysis and situational awareness. Check out Esri’s FMV landing page, where you’ll find tutorials, product information, and everything you need to get started today. Also check out Vricon’s P3DR software that georegisters sensor data to our Globe in 3D.

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