Maxar announced today that SecureWatch, its premier cloud-based subscription service for secure and on-demand access to Earth Intelligence, is available in the AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, buy, consume and manage third-party software, services and data required to build solutions and run their businesses. AWS Marketplace includes thousands of software listings across 50 categories such as security, networking, storage, machine learning, business intelligence, database and DevOps. Maxar’s SecureWatch enables users to address a wide range of geospatial projects such as supporting mapping, detecting change over time, monitoring assets, responding to disasters, humanitarian efforts and more. Companies are now able to subscribe to SecureWatch directly from their AWS Marketplace account, as well as access AWS’s vast community of channel partners and systems integrators. Another benefit is seamless integration of existing AWS configurations and security with Maxar’s software-as-a-service solution. Purchasing a SecureWatch subscription through AWS Marketplace simplifies billing for existing AWS customers, cost analysis with Cost Explorer and subscription management. Additionally, purchases in AWS Marketplace qualify against customers’ Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitments.

Maxar’s SecureWatch enables online streaming and download access to the company’s 20-year imagery archive and fresh collections. The SecureWatch screenshot above shows a Maxar WorldView-3 image of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. on May 10, 2022.

"Maxar is excited to make SecureWatch available in AWS Marketplace because we are seeing a growing demand for timely Earth Intelligence, and this offers an opportunity to meet our customers where they are already working,” said Dan Nord, Maxar’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Earth Intelligence.

This listing in AWS Marketplace reinforces Maxar’s collaboration with AWS. Maxar is an Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, a member of the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, and has achieved the AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency and AWS Government Competency.

Access Earth Intelligence from the cloud

Maxar’s SecureWatch is now available in the AWS Marketplace to enable companies to have better access with existing AWS workflows.

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