[caption id="attachment_4966" align="alignleft" width="500"]Interactively selecting GBDX imagery and calculating aggregate ship activity over time Interactively selecting GBDX imagery and calculating aggregate ship activity over time.[/caption] From mapping populations across sparsely populated continents, to monitoring the economic output of nations, to understanding risk for the insurance underwriting market, DigitalGlobe’s GBDX platform is deriving the data to power new use cases on a global scale. With the support of an ecosystem of developers who make imagery exploitation algorithms available on the platform, the number and range of applications unlocked by this technology is growing every day. With the acquisition of Timbr, we are making it easier to explore the diverse algorithms developed by our GBDX ecosystem and data partners, and accelerating the creation of unique customer solutions built from our 80-petabyte, 15-year time-lapse image library. Timbr is a pioneer in collaborative data science whose technology and expertise will improve the usability and accessibility of the GBDX platform, allowing more customers to derive valuable insights about our changing planet. Based out of Austin, Texas and Charlottesville, Virginia, Timbr specializes in enhancing the usability of algorithms and data to enable multi-source data exploitation, extracting actionable information out of giant corpuses of data! By leveraging cloud computing and an interactive Jupyter notebook environment, Timbr allows GBDX to tap into the Jupyter community of developers. In coming months, you can expect prototyping and developing apps in the GBDX environment to become much easier. To demonstrate the power of our combined capabilities check out the demo video below for a taste of on-the-fly processing: We welcome Timbr to the DigitalGlobe family! Check out Timbr’s post about this big move here. To try it yourself, get your GBDX key.
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