Nate RicklinWhat would you do if you had full access to a massive library of high-resolution satellite images covering every inch of the planet for the past 15 years? Well, if it didn’t completely crash your computer, your network, and your data center, that is. Would you sift through clues to find the lost tomb of Genghis Khan? Count all the cars in all the Walmart parking lots over time and start a hedge fund? Maybe assist in search and rescue for lost hikers? We are the Geospatial Big Data platform (GBD) team and we’re changing the way we see the world. These are the types of questions we answer every day. And we’re building the platform that lets everybody--anybody--answer their own questions their own way. We have direct access to the fattest pipe into DigitalGlobe’s 15 years of satellite imagery - all 70 petabytes worth. We have access to best-in-class computer vision algorithms. And we’re smashing it all together in the cloud to see what comes out. Our team is pushing the boundaries of innovation here at DigitalGlobe, in terms of the tech we use, our culture, and our velocity to market. We’re startup founders, mountain climbers, and 1337 haX0rz. We come from a tribe of international tomb hunters. We foster this culture at DigitalGlobe. We play pingpong, we run hackathons with huge trophies, and we expect excellence. We wear all the hats, code, debug, test, deploy, sell. We’re inventing new technology: fundamental new ways to access and use satellite imagery in the cloud, at scale, and under heavy load. We’re talking real-time random-access to petabytes of satellite imagery data, in raw form ready for processing. Run your algorithm against it. View it in a web browser. Our platform is built entirely in AWS, and we’re not afraid to use the latest and greatest new hotness: Docker, web frameworks, and hosted services. We’re built on an underlying foundation of Python and Java microservices, glued together with REST APIs and json, with a slice of Docker on top and a heaped serving of graph-database on the side. Our mantra is velocity-to-market. Our team and our platform is experiencing exponential user growth. We’ve got partnerships with the right players to make this platform truly powerful. Our product and sales team is the best in the business. We’re growing fast, we’re hiring, we are GBD, we are DigitalGlobe. Drop us a line and join the fun.
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