In conjunction with Esri, we are pleased to announce that ArcGIS Online users will now have access to DigitalGlobe’s Premium Services. Revealed today at the plenary address during the Esri User Conference (#EsriUC), the new offering brings expanded geospatial products and solutions to select users of ArcGIS Online on a subscription basis. With this exciting partnership, DigitalGlobe’s Global Basemap, FirstLook, and Multispectral Premium Services can now be seamlessly integrated into the workflow of ArcGIS users, allowing them to access the most current imagery and information available directly from the source! “Accessing high resolution imagery with ArcGIS has taken a giant leap forward,” said Lawrie Jordan, Esri director of imagery. “The new DigitalGlobe Premium Services enable everyone to benefit from quick and easy access to one of the best collections of high resolution imagery through ArcGIS Online.” “The Premium Services partnership will serve as the next era in the expansion of our relationship with Esri,” said Bert Turner, senior vice president, sales at DigitalGlobe. “We’re excited to work with Esri, the GIS market leader, to bring users of ArcGIS Online some of the most advanced imagery services available today.” The Global Basemap Premium Service provides some of the best available natural color and panchromatic imagery. This imagery is available as a cached tile service with vast coverage of the U.S. and Canada. This service will be regularly updated to reflect new, high quality imagery from DigitalGlobe. The FirstLook Premium Service is a disaster and crisis monitoring service populated with imagery when a qualifying event occurs, such as a natural disaster, manmade crisis, political instability, or human interest occurrence. Through this service, users have access to near real-time post-event imagery as well as pre-event imagery for comparison. The Multispectral Premium Service offers access to rich, full resolution multispectral content through an ArcGIS Online interface running on a highly scalable cloud architecture. The service and the content it hosts can be tailored to the client’s specific project needs. Users who require highly detailed imagery for image analytics, geodatabase updates, and surface change analysis can work with DigitalGlobe experts to maximize the value of the subscription. Attendees of the Esri User Conference can stop by DigitalGlobe booth #2101 to learn more. [caption id="attachment_1286" align="aligncenter" width="600"] ESRI introduces FirstLook Premium Services "...imagery hours after collection."[/caption]
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