The Faces of DigitalGlobe is a series of blog posts highlighting individuals and teams within DigitalGlobe. This month, we are highlighting Dr. Kumar Navulur, Director of Next Generation Products in Labs. Dr. Navulur has over 20 years’ experience in the Geospatial Industry. He has a Master’s degree in Remote Sensing and PhD in GIS& Remote Sensing from Purdue University. He is the author of the book, “Multi-Spectral Image Analysis Using Object Oriented Paradigm.” Dr. Navulur is an adjunct professor at Denver University and the University of Colorado. 1. What might you find yourself doing around 10 a.m. on a regular work day? By 10 AM, I am working on my two focus areas for the year, Worldview Outreach/evangelism or and identifying ecosystem partners that can leverage DigitalGlobe capabilities in their solutions, to solve customer problems. 2. What’s the most interesting use case or problem that you’ve seen DigitalGlobe solve? That would be our oil analysis project project with Bloomberg. We used imagery insight and analytics to estimate crude oil reserves. It was one of the first initiatives for DigitalGlobe’s information capabilities. 3. How does your current role support DigitalGlobe’s Purpose Vision and Values (PVV)? Our vision to be the indispensable source of information by 2020, drives to me to think about various technologies, in-house as well as outside, that can help us achieve that vision. As far as our values, I use them every day - working with customers, interacting with colleagues and peers worldwide. 4. If you could add any technology/capability to DigitalGlobe’s assets, what would it be? There is a technology called vector alignment that can register various geospatial datasets to our imagery base. This would open up several opportunities for DigitalGlobe. 5. What is your favorite restaurant in the Longmont area? Martini’s Bistro. Apart from the wide selection of martinis, they have great food too. It is tucked away and located a couple of blocks from downtown Longmont.
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