The Faces of DigitalGlobe is a series of blog posts highlighting individuals and teams within DigitalGlobe. Each month we’ll be spotlighting one of our team members to give you better insight into their background and role at the company while we continue building one DigitalGlobe. This month, we are highlighting Tony Frazier, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Insight. 1. What might you find yourself doing around 10 a.m. on a regular work day? Each day is certainly an adventure. Given my team is distributed across multiple locations and time zones so by 10 a.m. I am usually in a meeting that involves face to face and virtual collaboration. 2. What’s the most interesting use case or problem that you’ve seen DigitalGlobe solve? It is super cool to see our imagery powering the online mapping tools we all rely upon each day. However I find it really remarkable to see how our capabilities can help enable nation building across emerging markets like Africa. DigitalGlobe is uniquely positioned to help with various efforts leveraging our constellation and deep analytic expertise. Working with customers like the Satellite Sentinel Project we are documenting human rights atrocities taking place across the Sudan to bring global transparency to this problem. Our U.S. Military customers have been able to identify the geospatial patterns of extremist organizations to help our troops and coalition partners deploy scarce national security resources. We are now investing in new capabilities to help our commercial customers operate safely in the region and protect their infrastructure investments. 3. How does your current role support DigitalGlobe’s Purpose Vision and Values (PVV)? I feel very fortunate to lead our Marketing team and Insight business. I am proud of how everyone has come together and focused on supporting the mission. I believe our Insight capabilities really do enable our customers to see the earth clearly and in new ways to save lives, resources, and time. In a week, after we closed the combination, one of our analysts embedded at SOCOM was able to pull current imagery from the DigitalGlobe delivery platform to augment an analytical assessment used to support a mission in the Middle East. I see our Marketing team as a key enabler of achieving our Purpose, Vision, and Values. We build awareness for our current capabilities through our communications and corporate marketing campaigns. We are driving investments in new Products, Capabilities, and Solutions to better support our ability to drive profitable customer growth across our various customer segments. 4. If you could add any technology/capability to DigitalGlobe’s assets, what would it be? The DigitalGlobe Analytics team has a strong understanding in how socio-cultural factors influence spatial events. I see a tremendous opportunity to fuse our human geography pedigree with emerging sources of social media analysis. We are doing some innovative work for our DoD customers in this area and are partnering with several early stage companies like Recorded Future and TerraGo to explore opportunities to create new capabilities in this area. 5. What is your favorite restaurant in the D.C. area? For a family outing, I like Jacksons in Reston Town Center. It has great food, a vibrant atmosphere and it is loud enough that I am not embarrassed when my kids reach their limit. If my wife and I get a date night where we can get into D.C. we would most likely go out for ethnic food at a place like Das Ethiopian in Georgetown.
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