“Maxar’s DNA builds from a 60-year legacy where we’ve built over 280 satellites with over 2,200 years of operational, on-orbit experience,” said Shank. He notes that today there are more than 90 Maxar-built geo-communications satellites on-orbit, which is more than any other company.

Chris Shank (right) on the set of Federal News Network with from left: host John Gilroy, Tony Frazier (Maxar’s Executive Vice President of Global Field Operations) and Mark Giaconia (Maxar’s Director of Analytics Engineering).

Considering the future of space exploration, Shank describes Maxar’s role in working with NASA on the Artemis Project to land the first woman and next man on the Moon. He predicts that in the future robotics will work in conjunction with astronauts; the robots will perform the more dangerous tasks so that astronauts need not risk their lives, ultimately to “help ensure a safe and secure mission.”

Play the full interview below to learn about the role of Maxar in driving critical innovation and application of emerging space-based technologies.

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