Editor’s note: The Maxar Better World Foundation supports organizations that improve the lives of individuals, embrace their diversity, and provide them with the tools and opportunities needed to thrive. It is especially focused on advancing STEM education for underserved and diverse people, helping veterans and active-duty military and their families, and supporting global disaster preparedness and relief. Read about the Foundation’s first grants, its grant to the Sister Carmen Community Center after the Marshall Fire in Boulder, Colorado, and its second round of grants.

The world watched earlier this year as Russia invaded Ukraine, causing civilians to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighboring countries. Cities and towns have been destroyed during artillery shellings and sieges. Lives have been turned upside down during this crisis.

To help address these humanitarian impacts, the Maxar Better World Foundation focused its latest round of grants on global disaster relief and recovery needs arising out of this conflict in Ukraine:

Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP), a 501(c)3 organization, raises and manages funds to support a variety of global disasters. CDP has established the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Recovery Fund, which is raising money for the specific purpose of addressing the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians with a focus on medium- and long-term recovery efforts. The Maxar Better World Foundation granted $100,000 to this fund, which will support education, food, health, shelter, water, sanitation and the human trafficking risk for displaced people and refugees.

Hearts for Ukraine

Hearts for Ukraine, a 501(c)3 organization, received a $5,000 cash grant. The nonprofit works with the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco to identify local community organizations in Ukraine, determine needs, and collect and ship donated supplies. The organization delivers critical supplies, medications, first aid kits, trauma kits, rehabilitation supplies, water filters, clothing and nonperishable foods, directly to hospitals, shelters, schools, orphanages, nursing homes, refugee support centers and the territorial defense forces of Ukraine.

The Foundation learned about Hearts for Ukraine and the good work it is doing from a Maxar team member who works closely with this organization. She joined Maxar in 1996, two years after she and her family emigrated from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Increasing global transparency in Ukraine

Separately from the Maxar Better World Foundation, Maxar has been monitoring the war in Ukraine with its industry-leading satellite constellation. The Maxar News Bureau has produced and shared more than 400 satellite images and associated analysis with the media for dissemination to the public to increase global transparency. Read this blog post to learn more about Maxar’s efforts to enable the public, journalists, customers and governments to more clearly understand the situation and make informed decisions

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