Editor’s note: The Maxar Better World Foundation supports organizations that improve the lives of individuals, embrace their diversity, and provide them with the tools and opportunities needed to thrive. It is especially focused on advancing STEM education for underserved and diverse people, helping veterans and active-duty military and their families, and supporting global disaster preparedness and relief. Read about the Foundation’s recent grants supporting STEM organizations, veterans and active-duty military organizations, Ukraine relief efforts, and the Sister Carmen Community Center after the Marshall Fire in Boulder, Colorado.

Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwestern Florida as a Category 4 storm on September 28, 2022, causing at least 85 deaths and more than $42 billion in property damage. The Maxar Better World Foundation provided a grant to Collaboratory’s Southwest Florida Emergency Relief Fund to support ongoing relief and recovery efforts. Collaboratory is a regional foundation serving the five Florida counties hit hardest by the hurricane. The fund supports Southwest Florida nonprofits helping people and areas of most pressing need.

Team Rubicon Greyshirts work to remove a tree from a roof. Image courtesy: Team Rubicon.

Additionally, the Maxar Better World Foundation donated to Maxar’s Purpose Partner, Team Rubicon, a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during and after disasters and crises. More than 600 Team Rubicon Greyshirts worked on the ground in Florida, helping homeowners muck out their homes, tarp their roofs and clean up vegetative and non-vegetative debris from the storm.

While Maxar’s Florida operations were not impacted by Hurricane Ian or the subsequent Hurricane Nicole, the Maxar Better World Foundation believes in supporting the communities in which Maxar operates. Maxar also activated its Open Data Program for Hurricane Ian, providing geospatial data about the impacted communities to first responders.

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