The tropical Atlantic has been unusually active early this hurricane season with seven named storms forming to date. Maxar’s WeatherDeskTM team is predicting a highly active tropical season, totaling as many as 20 named storms in the Atlantic Basin this year.

In this Tropical Tracker screenshot, the 2020 Atlantic storms & tracks to date are represented. Tropical Storm Cristobal’s path from early June is highlighted.

Dave Ryan is the Chief Meteorologist at Constellation Energy, an electricity provider and gas supplier in the Mid-Atlantic. As a long-time user of WeatherDesk’s Tropical Tracker, Ryan uses the tool to keep his internal stakeholders apprised of the latest weather information so they can stay ahead of emerging threats to critical infrastructure.

“Tropical Tracker provides important tools that I use regularly to better understand the associated risks to the demand for the electricity, electricity generation and emergency preparedness awareness,” said Ryan. “Once hurricane season starts, Tropical Tracker becomes a regular part of my workflow so I can have the latest information about any pending threats to our grid. Our goal is to have utility crews at the ready before a storm hits so that they can respond quickly and get the power turned back on for our customers.”

Many WeatherDesk customers use Tropical Tracker’s deterministic and ensemble weather models to gauge where a system may go.

“I value Tropical Tracker’s tools that allow me to analyze model biases and model trends and shifts,” stated a WeatherDesk customer who is a trade floor analyst at a major bank. “Tropical Tracker helps me assess risk in the natural gas market and answer questions like, ’Will the upcoming storm cause shut-in risk or refinery curtailment risk? Production platform damage or refinery damage?’ The damage ultimately depends on how strong the system is, but Tropical Tracker helps me prepare for what to expect.”

This Tropical Tracker graphic shows deterministic and ensemble models of recently formed Tropical Storm Gonzalo. These advanced predictions allow WeatherDesk customers to prepare for various landfall scenarios.

WeatherDesk users rely on real-time access to the platform’s Tropical Tracker to obtain data and analysis for making informed decisions aimed at limiting or eliminating risk exposure when tropical storms and hurricanes threaten their assets. WeatherDesk will expand Tropical Tracker beyond the Atlantic to other key tropical basins such as the Pacific and Indian Oceans later this summer.

WeatherDesk also offers a 24/7/365 operations center that consults with customers when additional guidance is requested. Contact Maxar’s WeatherDesk to become prepared for this year’s hurricane season.

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