Open geospatial ecosystems are increasingly important to program success for government agencies, NGO’s and industry. As a leading provider of innovative services and products that source, enrich, and analyze multi-source geospatial data to reveal insights where and when it matters, Maxar, is delighted to support the upcoming FedGeoDay conference taking place on January 31.

FedGeoDay is the only event in the nation’s capital dedicated to curating and maintaining open geospatial ecosystems such as open source software, open mapping, and open science machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies are critical to the success of missions and programs for the U.S. federal government and its industry and NGO partners.

Maxar has made a major commitment to each of these ecosystems as a way to help Reveal Insights Where and When It Matters. One of the ways we help government and commercial customers anticipate and address their most complex mission-critical challenges with confidence is through open source software initiatives, like the GeoWave geospatial software library, and the OMAR and OSSIM suites of geospatial libraries and applications. We are also working together with the OpenStreetMap community on collaborative mapping efforts, and contributing to open science through SpaceNet and the xView Challenge.

At FedGeoDay 2019, we will see program managers and leaders from FEMA, The World Bank, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other government organizations describe how open ecosystems enable better collaboration between federal government and NGOs. Experts from Radiant Solutions and across the industry will outline our progress in building an open ecosystem for machine learning and artificial intelligence and discuss the latest in algorithm and software development driving new program capabilities.

We will also hear from government leaders at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, US Geological Survey and others talk about how collaboration in open mapping and open source software is improving mapping and creating geospatial information from big data, imagery and more.

At our tabletop at FedGeoDay, Maxar will demonstrate our services that are contributing to the effectiveness of open ecosystems–based programs, including:

  • GeoWave: Management of massive spatio-temporal data stores
  • Coastline: Automatic detection of coastlines on imagery
  • Radiant Pulse: Automatic event and change notification system
  • …and other machine learning capabilities

Maxar is honored to play a key role in enabling open source and open ecosystems solutions that are making for more effective programs. I hope you can join me and see how the collaborative open ecosystems make revealing insights where and when it matters possible!

For more information on FedGeoDay, visit See you there!

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