For almost 12 years, my family has been getting our milk from a local dairy farm. Our milk service was one of the first purchases we made that clearly demonstrated the advantages of going directly to the source for a product. Bear with me as I relate how farm-fresh milk service is akin to sourcing geospatial products directly from the remote sensing company that collects the Earth Observation data.

Dairy farmers own and care for their cows, which gives us greater assurance of quality, consistency, reliability, convenience and most important, freshness. We could have continued to buy milk from the store, but that would mean milk that had traveled from a milking facility, to a production plant, to a packaging center and finally to the store shelf.

With all these handoffs, we were not confident the milk was hormone and additive free. And we particularly noticed the taste of the store-bought milk was not consistent, and that left a bad taste in our mouths … literally.

For geodata customers, these exact benefits apply when purchasing data directly from DigitalGlobe: quality, consistency, reliability, convenience and currency.

We use only the best images available from our archive or tasking capabilities to derive outputs of the highest quality. And, because only DigitalGlobe data is used in the creation of the geodata, customers are ensured consistent results from one delivery to the next.

Our ever-increasing partnerships with customers in the U.S. government and top international defense and intelligence agencies are a reflection of our reliability. These organizations rely on our imagery to inform mission-critical decisions year after year. In addition, many government and commercial organizations choose DigitalGlobe products and services for convenience. Our depth of offerings span all levels of expertise (or lack thereof), serving diverse teams and applications like a one-stop geospatial shop.

Last, our imagery library grows by 3 million sq km of new data daily, sourced directly from our satellites. This ensures the freshest image inputs and updates through the lifespan of a customer’s project.

I acknowledge buying milk and geodata are different. But it’s hard to argue against the notion that when customers access products and services directly from the source instead of the end of a drawn-out supply chain, they win.

Taking the idea of tapping into the source one step further, let’s look at the use case where someone has a great idea for a geospatial product or service, but they need raw data of the highest quality to make the idea work. Going back to our dairy example, fromagers don’t use store-bought cream for cheese creation. And if they want to make great cheese, they don’t go to just any dairy farm. They want the farm with the best cows and the best product for their process.

The tenets of quality, consistency, reliability, convenience and freshness that enable DigitalGlobe to produce world-class products are the same for someone seeking the absolute best raw material to use to create a killer app.

Our 50 cm and 30 cm image data and our rich information products offer best-in-class building blocks used by many of the world’s top companies to solve their geospatial problems. It is as simple as this adage: To make great cheese, find great cows. Likewise, if you want exceptional data and solutions, find an exceptional data provider.

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