I knew that Radiant Solutions would be a fun and enlightened journey for me, having spent several decades in geospatial intelligence working directly for NGA, NSA, NOAA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. That rich experience placed me in the unique position to see the problem from both perspectives—the government and industry. When I saw how quickly Radiant Solutions could solve problems that took so much longer in my government days, I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of this organization.

Transforming source data into trusted information

The Data to Insight (D2I) line of business at Radiant Solutions serves as a connector in the geospatial intelligence lifecycle between the Sensor and Ground Modernization business, which sources geospatial data, and the Agile Intelligence business, which analyzes geospatial data and intelligence to ultimately support the mission of our customers. We enrich raw source data into highly usable geospatial intelligence by leveraging the latest in image processing, automation and crowdsourcing technologies, and we keep our information up-to-date to support missions at scale.

D2I does everything from geospatial production to machine learning and object detection work. We take traditional processes of producing geospatial information and products, and transform them using technology to not only expedite the production processes and enhance the quality, but also to derive insights from the underlying data.

Supporting the mission of the customer

The customers we support range from private investors who use our daily agricultural and energy trading information reports to gain a decision advantage, to seaborne shipping and fisheries companies that use our Marine Service offerings, to the U.S. government (USG) and numerous international clients. Our USG customers include the DOD agencies, our Military customers, the Intelligence Community, and several civil agencies.

We support several common use cases that help our customers move forward with their missions while saving time and providing higher quality information. Each of these use cases plays a unique role in data enrichment in pursuit of our customers’ missions, and can be used independently or in combination of one another, depending on the individual requirements of each project:

  • Sensor Data Enrichment
  • Land Classification
  • Persistent Change Detection
  • Automated Feature Extraction & Object Detection
  • Foundational GEOINT Production

Sensor Data Enrichment – Natural limitations in imagery, such as low light and atmospheric turbulence, combined with inconsistent or insufficient accuracy and resolution can make it difficult to harvest the most actionable information out of raw data. That’s why our incredibly talented team applies technologies like Motion GEOINT, Imaging through Volume Turbulence (IVT), and AFIX Tracker to enrich raw data and provide improved spatial accuracy for confidence in decision-making.

Land Classification – Our customers also need to make informed decisions based on the most reliable global land use and land cover (LULC) products available. We provide a global view of the current landscape by applying machine learning for automated spectral, spatial and temporal classification and extraction. We also use a standard global land cover dataset called BaseVue (based on Landsat and Sentinel 2 satellite imagery) that uses multi-temporal, semi-automated classification to map LULC. Combined, these technologies enable us to provide a complete understanding of what’s happening on the surface of the Earth, whether our customers are managing natural resources or trying to keep forward personnel out of harm’s way during a military or intelligence operation.

Change Detection and Monitoring – Identifying change amid thousands of images from multiple data sources is a challenge for even for an expert image analyst. Our Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM) and Frequent Temporal Change (FTC) technologies help make sense of our changing world at both micro and macro levels. We support a wide variety of change detection and monitoring use cases, including broad area search, facility monitoring and resource prioritization and analysis, which quickly pinpoint the areas of important change, saving time and yielding better results.

Automated Object Detection and Feature Extraction – In addition to land classification and change detection, our customers need to know what objects are on the ground and along coastlines. We’re getting an amazing reaction from our customers about our machine learning capabilities and they keep coming back for more. We develop, deploy and validate custom algorithms and training data for feature extraction, object classification and labeling to help the intelligence community and other customers see the complete picture of any geographical area to make more informed military and intelligence decisions.

Foundational GEOINT Production – Finally, we apply the latest automation and crowdsourcing to traditional intelligence production methods to create high-quality foundational GEOINT (including imagery, mapping features and enrichment), helping analysts, mission planners and warfighters to better plan and execute their critical missions. Our talented team applies cutting-edge solutions including NaturalVue, urban feature enrichment, Human Landscape and rMaps to identify natural features like land use land cover, roads and power lines, urban features, weather, soilscapes and more, ultimately producing high-quality foundational geospatial intelligence at a global scale. These use cases include disaster response, socio-cultural mapping (economics, education and social services), emergency medical services and natural resource planning.

A balance of innovation and strength

D2I is a key element of Radiant Solutions. We continue to drive geospatial innovation. This is only possible because of our close partnerships with our customers, and our team’s flexibility and creativity as we tackle our customers’ toughest challenges. We have a very talented and resourceful team that amazes me every day. The team’s commitment to our customers and loyalty to the company make me very proud to lead this organization.

Join our team

I am looking for new talent to join our growing team. Radiant Solutions is truly an exciting organization, compounded further as a part of the larger Maxar family. It’s incredibly rewarding to know our work helps warfighters stay out of harm’s way, helps thwart terrorist activity, and provides people with ample warning about impending natural disasters. If you’re interested in a career with real-world impact, please check out to explore opportunities in our expanding organization.

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