Location information is a critical component of innovations like automation and machine learning as well as sustainable economic development and safety. Rapid population growth, refugee migrations, heightened security needs, and smart city infrastructure investments are all driving demand for current, high-resolution satellite imagery over metropolitan areas worldwide. We are working hard to meet these demands, and are excited to announce a Metro expansion that will double the number of metro areas available and deliver an updated image layer each year. With two enhancements, Metro is now able to deliver more value to more organizations. Premium Quality Coverage Our new content refresh strategy maximizes our 30cm coverage and captures each city at the optimal time to achieve image clarity and vibrancy. This strategy ensures premium quality imagery over your specific area of interest, delivering stunning aesthetics and precision, reducing the need for additional processing or field validation. Give your team or customers they best available resource. Only DigitalGlobe offers 30cm resolution – close enough to see the lines painted on a tennis court. Annual AOI Commitments We have committed to update all 6,000 Metro areas each year to provide a consistent, quality product that you can rely on. More than 3,000 areas have guaranteed 30cm availability - a number that will increase as our 30cm capacity increases. Predictable delivery and quality will help you plan more effectively. Because regardless of industry, consistency builds customer trust. Change is the only constant, which is why we need to maintain our competitive edge. Metro 2.0 is an important stride as we work to fulfill our mission of geospatial data accessibility and innovation. How will you use Metro to transform your organization? Check out our initial list of 3,000 AOIs ready for purchase and stay tuned for additional releases. Learn more
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