It is an amazing time right now at Radiant Solutions. This week I had the opportunity to see more than a dozen presentations and demos from our 2018 summer interns. Our future is in good hands. Over the summer, diverse talent from 21 universities in multiple office locations in Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Michigan and Colorado made amazing contributions to our business. Our interns:

  • Built computer-vision models to automate interpretation of satellite imagery and ground-based video
  • Collaboratively mapped remote villages in Nigeria to equip our military with an understanding of geographic features on the ground
  • Applied open-source big data analytics to billions of geospatial vectors to reveal patterns of activity of space and time
  • Enhanced the user experience of production applications used by hundreds of customers
  • Helped us identify potential ecosystem partners who can help us better serve our customers

When we embarked on this journey to establish Radiant Solutions as the geospatial analytics company of Maxar Technologies, we knew we could become a catalyst for innovation across our industry. Maxar sits at the nexus of the new space economy, and our four space brands do what no single company can: Deliver integrated space solutions that solve our customers’ most complex challenge by harnessing and applying the power of disruptive technology.

The convergence of pervasive sensors, ubiquitous computing power, and crowdsourced innovation has created a unique opportunity to help our customers see, understand and anticipate activity at global scale. Maxar has the capabilities to do it all: build, operate and analyze optical and radar imagery at scale. It has been gratifying to see just how excited our customers, partners and team members are about the power of what Maxar can deliver.

Our purpose at Radiant Solutions is Revealing Insights Where and When it Matters to Build a Better World. “Where and When” speaks both to our geospatial pedigree and the fact that we want our capabilities in the hands of people on timelines needed to achieve their mission. Over the first half of 2018 we have seen great traction with our customers on initiatives to realize our purpose with national security and commercial customers.

U.S. Defense and Intelligence Customers

  • Recently, the company announced that we were selected by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) for the Janus Geography initiative. We see Janus Geography as a massive opportunity to bring commercial innovation to NGA’s foundation GEOINT mission. Our recent effort to map Nogales, Mexico in days is indicative of the type of data enrichment we can enable at global scale.
  • We also partnered with NGA to launch the DIUx xView Detection Challenge to accelerate the development of machine learning algorithms that can extract valuable information from high- resolution imagery. This initiative has advanced research to help NGA and other mission partners see and understand humanitarian and defense activities at a global scale. We believe this program will become a trusted resource for advancing open innovation in machine learning in support of mission.

International Defense and Intelligence

  • We recently hosted strategy sessions with several of DigitalGlobe’s largest imagery customers to explore how Radiant’s analytic capabilities could help them harness the unmatched persistence that will be enabled by WorldView Legion, DigitalGlobe’s next-generation, high-resolution imagery satellite fleet. When we combine the high revisit and high-resolution imagery collected by DigitalGlobe with automation enabled by Radiant, we will be able to reveal daily patterns of life at global scale.

Commercial Customers

  • Our new Red Tide offering for Marine Service customers, modeled upon the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) CoastWatch program, is available globally and is enhanced to include relevant coastal algorithms for identifying algal blooms. Our Red Tide service combines the power of our SeaStar Fisheries Information Service with algorithms that best identify coastal plankton blooms—alerting commercial farms and governments when this threat emerges. We are revealing insights to help commercial farm managers take protective actions and mitigate risk. The company’s monitoring program is essential for commercial farm managers and government health departments who need to know when harmful algae blooms are near and which protective actions to take in near real time.

Enabling Employees to Do Their Best Work

What Will Radiant Solutions Success Look Like in 12 months?

I’m incredibly proud to lead such an outstanding team at Radiant Solutions. We are just beginning to apply breakthrough capabilities to many critical missions at scale. I’m confident that we will continue to advance our customers’ missions by revealing impactful insights where and when it matters to Build a Better World.

As we continue to grow our team with more than 100 openings across Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Michigan and Colorado, Radiant Solutions will become a model for innovation, diversity, and community engagement across our regional talent centers. Are you a builder motivated to create something great? If so there are many opportunities for you to join our business. Check out our job openings and watch the video below to learn more about what it’s like to work at Radiant Solutions.

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