Radiant Solutions, a Maxar Technologies company, has been selected by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) for Janus Geography, a potential $920 million contract for content management of community-sourced data on topographic and human geography.

Janus Geography provides NGA, in an unclassified cloud environment, with near-real time access to commercially-created and enriched content inclusive of crowd and community sourced data in a cost effective manner to improve decision-making timelines. The NGA awarded the contract to bidding entity MDA Information Systems, LLC, which through M&A activity is now part of Radiant Solutions.

To demonstrate the disruptive crowd-sourced map production and enrichment capabilities Radiant Solutions brings to the Janus Geography contract, we recently organized a live mapping campaign during the 2018 GEOINT Symposium. Over the course of the three days, 37 Radiant Solutions team members, enabled by our crowd and community sourced data capabilities, worked diligently to complete a mapping campaign of Nogales, Mexico. In just three days, we mapped 97 percent of our campaign, extracting more than 4,000 roads stretching over 1,200 km. We also mapped 99 percent of the buildings in Nogales by producing 70,934 building footprints and contributing 3,561 point of interest enrichments.

Map of Nogales, Mexico completed by Radiant Solutions
Map of Nogales, Mexico completed by Radiant Solutions

To close, here is a collection of recent Radiant Solutions blogs and announcements on our unique combination of experiences with multi-source data collection, enrichment and analysis which we are excited to apply to Janus Geography to drive mission success:

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