The saying that bigger isn’t always better really hits home for our business, since there are players larger than Maxar in the industry. But when it comes to creating geospatial intelligence and insights at a global scale, Maxar has delivered amazing things for our government customers who place a high value on our ability to innovate and fast—something that industry behemoths can’t match.

As a former officer in the Army Corps of Engineers, I understand the mission through the eyes of the warfighter. I was the user or buyer of geospatial data or services for 20 years, and that understanding of how the government works and acquires products and services has helped me tremendously with my career. I encourage my team to maintain this perspective in everything they do for our government customers.

By putting the mission first, we’re able to align with the needs of our government customers, and to source, enrich and analyze enormous amounts of geospatial data to reveal insights where and when it matters. That is what we do at the Sensor and Ground Modernization Group at Maxar, which I lead.

SGM is organized into four divisions—Aerospace Engineering, Ground Processing Programs, Sensor Programs and Global Support. I am inspired by the amazing capabilities each brings to Radiant Solutions.

  • Aerospace Engineering – This division’s expertise is in modeling and simulation of space systems, as well as tasking and scheduling those systems. Our BlueSim and BlueGround offerings enable our customers to identify efficiencies, accesses, and gaps with satellite constellations and individual sensors.
  • Ground Processing Programs – The core business for this division is remote ground terminals, which enable data collection and access required to support time-sensitive military, humanitarian aid and disaster relief missions. This program uses a highly portable ground antenna and processing hardware/software that can be packed into cases and deployed as a checked bag on any commercial airline. We’re are a best-in-class solution for rapidly deployable commercial remote processing that can provide imagery to the warfighter in near-real time.
  • Sensor Programs – This area of the business has a rich history, originating during World War II and early radar development at the University of Michigan. Amid all its permutations and changing parent companies, the organization has maintained its exquisite core technology for radar processing. Our longstanding customers consider our processing expertise a “national treasure,” and we continue to expand with applications for electro-optical and other remote sensing modalities.
  • Global Support – This division is doing amazing things with open source software and agile development techniques to solve unique challenges such as data cataloguing, discovery and access for our intelligence community customers. For example, our OMAR (OSSIM Mapping ARchive) architecture builds upon free and open source software (FOSS) to facilitate geospatial imagery searches using location, time and other attributes to dynamically process search results and create value-added products on the fly. We adapt OMAR so it serves as an imagery archive and dissemination platform, helping our intelligence clients reveal insights when and where they need it. We’re also adding an application layer, which will enable us to apply machine learning to perform even more advanced analytics on the data.

End-to-End Solutions for Space Technology

What excites me most about our company is the key role that we play. Maxar provides end-to-end solutions for geospatial remote sensing—from designing and building satellites and sensors, to tasking and scheduling, to processing the imagery, and finally analysis and dissemination. Our extremely talented team of software developers, engineers and scientists create tremendous capabilities to help our government and commercial customers address their most complex mission critical challenges with confidence.

Throughout my career, I have never worked a company like this with such broad capabilities and unique talent delivering superior value to their customers. Our capabilities are unmatched by other providers.

Looking Toward the Future

I see a tremendous opportunity ahead for Maxar. Gone are the days when government was totally reliant on big aerospace firms. Government agencies aren’t interested in high overhead and unnecessary processes that slow progress. Instead, they’re turning to smaller contracts and more flexible and adaptable companies like Radiant Solutions to provide products and services at a lower cost and greater efficiency.

I have a passion for going after larger contract acquisitions. In the past, our company was very good at winning subcontractor roles with very specific tasks or obtaining sole source contracts. Now as part of Maxar, we’re able to successfully capture larger programs of record as a prime contractor.

Our business growth starts with our talented team. We encourage employees in all roles to look for opportunities to grow our business. Whether that is by identifying programs to pursue as a subcontractor, or gathering market intelligence for pursuits we can bid as a prime—everyone is critical to driving the business forward.

Join Us

To support the evolution of our Sensor and Ground Modernization team, we are always looking for dedicated, talented people with security clearances to join our business. If you like a challenge and feel inspired by the amazing capabilities and opportunities we offer, please visit www.radiantsolutions/#careers to explore openings at our company.

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