At the center of the digital transformation that defines the Fourth Industrial Revolution is geospatial technology: IoT apps and devices, valuable location intelligence and change detection capabilities, to name a few. Figuring out how to best use and leverage geospatial data can be daunting, especially for those new to the industry. For that reason, we created an interactive tool named Navigator as a starting point for learning about the many uses of geospatial data—from mapping and disaster response to risk assessment and monitoring. Navigator is designed to help educate and engage customers using product demos, collateral, and relevant use cases—and it is easy to use—even if you have little or no geospatial expertise. Our goal is to make geospatial technology accessible, and to enable a broad set of customers to unlock new geospatial possibilities. DigitalGlobe Navigator Step 1. Select an AOI to reveal recommended products and relevant content To explore in Navigator, users select an area of interest, an industry and use cases to discover which DigitalGlobe capabilities address their specific questions and challenges. For those new to geospatial data, it’s a great introduction to DigitalGlobe offerings and capabilities. For existing customers, it’s an easy way to explore new products. Today Navigator is available via a preview account with a sample of our product portfolio. Please explore the site and share your feedback to help us further refine the customer experience. Stay tuned for additional features and product rollouts. Geospatial data is essential to addressing a range of challenges and can provide insights and understanding that will fuel global transformations of all kinds. See how you can leverage geospatial technology to sharpen your competitive edge. Launch Navigator
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