ENGAGE EMEAR 2018 hosted 400 attendees and more than 30 speakers over two days to foster collaboration and innovation across industries. If you didn’t have the chance to join us (or didn’t have time to take it all in) here is a quick recap.

We kicked off our fifth annual ENGAGE EMEAR event by introducing our four industry-leading space brands—MDA, SSL, Radiant Solutions and DigitalGlobe, recently combined as one Maxar—that is uniquely positioned to lead the new space economy. Maxar empowers its customers with integrated solutions based on the cross-collaboration of advanced commercial satellite manufacturing and imaging technology, space robotics, and sophisticated analytics programs.

ENGAGE EMEAR-Dan Jablonsky

Maxar CEO, Dan Jablonsky, highlighted some major investments that he is making in the organization to increase offerings to better serve customers at scale:

  • WorldView Legion Constellation: A new expansion providing higher revisit, more insight at scale, and greater regional capacity with a 2021 operational target.
  • The DigitalGlobe: A digital geospatial ecosystem that includes imagery, analytics and tools accessible via one environment to streamline customer experience.

The Maxar leaders were joined by innovators from across a spectrum of industry verticals including the United Nations, European Space Agency, Amazon Web Services, Vodafone, PwC, IBM, UK Space Agency and SAP.

Highlights from our speakers include:

  1. Andrey Strelkov of Yandex shared the company’s work in dynamic community mapping and discussed how impactful maps require increasingly more detail.
  2. Chris Sheldon illustrated how Allianz’s use of satellite imagery has transformed the insurance industry in expediting post-event assessments and tracking macro trends for risk analysis.
  3. Dennis Lorenzin from Nokia talked about the importance of digital twins and how these digital replica models will shape our increasingly connected world and contribute to 5G planning.
  4. Zoe Trodd and Stuart Marsh spoke about their work at Nottingham University using satellite imagery to detect and prevent modern-day slavery.
  5. Dan Paull, CEO of PSMA, discussed the importance of democratizing the spatial industry and thinking differently to develop better solutions and customer experiences.

Launching The DigitalGlobe & ESA EO Challenge

ESA Challenge

We announced the launch of the Earth Observation Challenge, which asks participants to address two critical Earth imagery topics focused on issues impacting remote areas:

  1. Identifying water bodies or water changes
  2. Change characterization in urban areas

Maxar and ESA are calling on developers, geoscientists and innovative minds across Europe to submit solutions using advanced geospatial technology. Read more.

Lightning Talks & Virtual Reality


ENGAGE EMEAR 2018 featured a series of lightning talks where new products such as Ecopia Building Footprints were unveiled, as well as a new virtual reality area, which enabled attendees to experience geospatial information in a new way.



More than 20 exhibitors including UK Space Agency, Seraphim Capital, European Space Imaging, E-GEOS, Vricon, Telespazio and KSAT set up shop to demo their cutting-edge geospatial applications.

ENGAGE EMEAR 2018 Awards


To cap off the ENGAGE EMEAR experience, we hosted the annual ENGAGE EMEAR awards, recognizing five DigitalGlobe partners who demonstrated a commitment to customer excellence in the past year.

TCarta Marine in partnership with DHI and Vricon, was awarded for aiding disaster relief in Antigua and Barbuda through the provision of surface models for both pre- and post-analysis on the impact of Hurricane Irma to the UK government.
NIK Systems won an award (funded by EU Aid) for using WorldView imagery to map the Black Sea and increase competition for developers in the Middle Black Sea region.
Hatfield Consultants in partnership with Terrabotics (UK) was awarded for developing geospatial layers from WorldView-3 data to replace expensive Lidar solutions for volumetric analysis, providing regularly updated data without the need for physical site surveys, saving the Botswana government and DeBeers Mining Company time while improving safety.
ENGAGE EMEAR-Ideal Solutions
Ideal Solutions was awarded for supporting Qatar Petroleum with imagery-derived solutions for optimal site selection, design and planning of pipelines routes, oil infrastructure and facilities monitoring, plus environmental impact assessment for both on- and near-shore operations including bathymetric analysis.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all attendees, speakers and exhibitors for making our fifth ENGAGE EMEAR an incredibly inspiring event. If you would like to gain access to the presentations of the event on-demand, please go to

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