Do you remember the moments of your youth when you just knew something great was about to happen? Perhaps it was when you arrived at the gates of the Magic Kingdom about to spend the day with a magical mouse (Disneyland pictured below). Or when your parents called you into the living room to open holiday presents. Or right before a game when you were prepared and knew you could perform, and you were so eager for the clock to start. Or when you were at a concert waiting for your favorite band to take the stage. In those moments, the excitement and anticipation are palpable.

I’m living one of those moments right now, and that feeling of anticipation for more than a moment—for several months now. Let me explain.

In business, there are times when the right people with the right skillsets converge and create great things. At Radiant Solutions, we’ve assembled about 1,100 team members with diverse expertise, and we are poised to completely transform the geospatial industry for both commercial and government clients.

content_Disneyland_Anaheim_CA_GE1_12FEB2017.jpgDisneyland, Anaheim California, GeoEye-1, February 12th, 2017

Our team has technologists empowered to build transformative solutions unencumbered by the need to adhere to corporate “core competencies”—a term that has little connection to Prahalad and Hamel’s original definition. Our team has the information technology and DevOps expertise to integrate those solutions into enterprise infrastructure with past performance to back it up. Our team has mission and tradecraft expertise to enable the application of those solutions to the analytical intelligence workflows of our customers. Our team has an ecosystem of enduring partners helping to evolve our state-of-the-art approach to transforming the industry. And, our team has a support staff who focus on supporting their colleagues and partners to enable them to stay focused on the exceptional delivery of this transformative work.

When I fast forward in my mind I see an era where we are supplying information not only at the rate of human cognition, but at the rate of analytic synthesis. I see the orchestration of satellites and ISR systems from multiple suppliers with real-time optimization to mission need. I see the increased velocity with which foundational feature data and mapping products will be produced and we will be able to dynamically deliver fit-for-use products essentially on-demand. And I see advanced tradecraft professionals and solutions fully capable of simultaneously choreographing multiple hypotheses and distilling automated sense-making inputs in a manner that decision makers can act upon.

I truly believe Radiant Solutions can and will transform the geospatial marketplace. While we’re doing some elements of this today, the full realization will take time. As a leadership team, we’re working hard to focus our teams around three transformative lines of business: Sensor & Ground Modernization, Data to Insight and Agile Intelligence. Now that we are part of Maxar Technologies, I feel like our car has turned onto World Drive in Orlando and we’re entering a magic place and a time where amazing things will happen. And I’m very excited to be a part of what will come next.

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