Are you aware Google has announced it is deprecating the support to Google Maps Engine (GME) starting January 2016? What does this mean to you? If you are currently using a third-party application that leverages GME basemaps (imagery, terrain, hybrid, roadmap), those solutions will no longer be able to provide Google maps within their environment for your use.

Maxar can help. Many of our partners, customers and associates in the geospatial industry have been asking us, “What can I do now?" We understand that choosing the right basemap can be a confusing decision. That said, it is important to understand the range and relevance of general options available. There are two main categories of basemaps: consumer-grade and professional-grade.

  • Consumer-grade basemaps: good for understanding general location for basic reference but do not deliver consistent precision in terms of ground conditions or location.
  • Professional-grade basemaps: provide highly accurate representation of ground conditions and location to support the production of reliable plans, documents, and even legal verification for high-value projects.

If you just need to see what is on the ground, and there are no business decisions being made, a consumer-grade basemap that is available for free or inexpensively online may be adequate. But if your business decisions are riding on what’s on or in the ground—such as the position of your assets or your competition’s assets—the precision offered by a professional-grade basemap may be the best way to go.

To thoroughly evaluate your options and select the best basemap for your needs download: Basemap 101: Identifying the right basemap for your business needs

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