Geospatial data for the oil and gas industryThe oil and gas industry sits on shaky ground as operational costs increase, the price of oil drops, and profit margins become narrower. The challenge? Your operational efficiency needs to improve. The solution? You need enterprise-class, geospatial technology. Better Data You need the best geospatial data to make the best decisions. Better data provides you with a common operational picture, enabling you to make informed decisions and keep close tabs on progress. Your data should be accurate, current, complete, and consistent. Better Access You need access to geospatial data whether you’re in the office or on site in the field. Better access places industry information at your fingertips, eliminating unknowns and cutting out wasteful downtime. Your access should be comprehensive, collaborative, and compatible. Better Analysis Sixty percent of the time your analysts spend developing information is done with data from multiple sources, with varying degrees of accuracy. Better geospatial data analysis means you reduce time spent gathering and manipulating data, and allow more time for informed action. Your analysis should be easy, affordable, and thorough. Better geospatial data, access, and analysis can improve your operational efficiency while keeping your profit margins intact. Download Profits under Pressure: Three ways to improve operational efficiency for the oil and gas industry to learn how better geospatial technology, means better data, better access, and better analysis. Julie Parker, VP Energy SolutionsJulie Parker is Vice President of Energy Solutions at DigitalGlobe.
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