With the launch of WordView-3 taking place in August, the excitement in our offices is abundant. In great anticipation we are focusing on the fact that WorldView-3 will enhance our industry-leading constellation by three main capabilities as well as change the way we perceive the Earth today.
  • Resolution – WorldView-3’s 31cm resolution makes it the highest resolution commercial satellite in the world, enabling us to provide more answers from imagery to our customers.
  • SWIR – Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) bands add spectral coverage to the invisible range. SWIR bands unlock a whole new realm of sensitivity that allows our customers to drill deeper into the perception of objects through the penetration of fog, smoke, and haze, along with deeper band combinations and added capabilities for vegetation and mineral analysis. This will be particularly important to industries like Agriculture, Oil & Gas and Mining.
  • CAVIS – The CAVIS (Clouds, Aerosols, Water Vapor, Ice and Snow) instrument, designed by Ball Aerospace, brings an unprecedented level of consistency in data, paving the way to standardization of satellite imagery. CAVIS corrects for the inconsistencies caused by certain conditions, offering standardized imagery no matter where or when the data was captured. This standardization will introduce a new age in automated information extraction and change detection.
You can see specific examples and get updates and more information on our recently launched WorldView-3 page. We’ve hit another Milestone! Last Friday marked the safe arrival of WorldView-3 at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The WorldView-3 spacecraft passed a full suite of environmental, functional and performance tests in prepartation for integration with the launch vehicle. We are thrilled to be one step closer to launch! What does WorldView-3 mean to you? Our Founder and CTO, Dr. Walter Scott discusses how WorldView-3 will enable our customers to Seeing A Better World™ This is the first blog post in a bi-weekly series that will lead up to our launch. We are thrilled to be working with our partners Ball Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, ULA, and Exelis. Join the conversion on social #WV3!
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