DigitalGlobe is excited to share that we are seeing increased momentum for our business across the Asia Pacific region, which includes Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and Thailand. We were recently awarded several major contracts and started two terrific new partnerships in the region. This is a great example of how emerging economies around the planet are seeing the value of leveraging DigitalGlobe high resolution imagery to save lives, resources and time. Throughout the region, our existing partners, Geoimage and Sinclair Knight Merz, have been instrumental in opening the local market for high resolution satellite imagery, enabling DigitalGlobe to secure major contracts in Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea. DigitalGlobe’s distribution footprint in Asia Pacific has grown by 200 percent over the past year, facilitated by the addition of four new resellers in Australia. AAM Pty Ltd, Fugro World, Infotech Enterprises Limited and SPC Applied Geoscience and Technology Division are delivering new solutions built on DigitalGlobe imagery allowing us to better serve the needs of our customers across the Asia Pacific, which is growing increasingly diverse and mature. As a result, DigitalGlobe recently fostered a new relationship with a geoscience and technology company to provide high resolution imagery that will help understand the impact of rising oceans on food security in the South Pacific islands. In addition, we fostered a new relationship with a water management agency in Thailand to provide 12,000 square kilometers of high resolution imagery collected between 2011 to 2012. The imagery will be used to build a basemap for the country with the aim to help improve community water information and provide up-to-date data for transportation development efforts. The agency will use the data to manage water effectively and accurately, and the general public will be able to access the information to locate water sources in their communities. These are just a few examples of the many ways we are supporting our customers and partners across the Asia Pacific region. Our satellite imagery has become increasingly valuable for international civil governments in making critical decisions. As we invest in more resources and technology, we’ll be better positioned to address the growing industry needs in the Asia Pacific region and continue providing insight for planning, protection and management.
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