On Monday, June 4, DigitalGlobe was recognized as a Laureate at the Computerworld Honors Laureate Ceremony and Awards Gala, which I was honored to attend in Washington, D.C.

For 24 years, the Computerworld Honors Program has recognized organizations that use Information Technology to promote and advance public welfare, benefit society and change the world for the better. This year, there were 500 entrants from 35 countries across the 10 categories (Collaboration, Digital Access, Economic Development, Emerging Technology, Environment, Health, Human Services, Innovation, Safety and Security and Training/Education). We are honored to be in the great company of the 2012 Laureates.

The awards for innovation recognized organizations for the design and development of new technologies and/or the application of an existing technology in a new and unique way to advance overall human health, security or well-being. Our case study exemplifying the innovation award was in partnership with Hitachi in providing aid following the tsunami in Japan. It was, in particular, the ability to use the imagery and how it enabled in-country organizations to deliver aid and medical care and attempt to rescue those trapped in collapsed buildings.

We are proud to have been presented the Computerworld Laureate award and to be in the company amongst many globally who share our belief in technology's ability to save lives and see a better world. In fact, I was excited that the 21st Century Achievement Innovation award recipient, Novartis International - SMS for Life - Fighting Malaria in Africa, shares our understanding that geospatially oriented information is part of our future on many fronts.

It was also interesting to hear the keynote address by Chief Information Officer at Executive Office of the President, Brook Colangelo. Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, provided an interested keynote as well.

We were thrilled to be included in this honor and I enjoyed hearing about the other laureates and am excited to hear how future laureates continue to use technology to benefit society and change the world for the better.

Scott Hicar, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, DigitalGlobe

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