August 03, 2020 | Earth Intelligence

3D Maps Calling: Why New Geodata is Powering 5G Deployments

May 14, 2018 | Earth Intelligence

Geodata at the speed of global change

DigitalGlobe is looking to move the mapping world into the 21st century and become the internet of geodata. Not only is DigitalGlobe constantly collecting our changing planet, with more than 3 million square kilometers of new Earth imagery daily, but we are hosting all this valuable insight in the cloud for immediate access.

February 13, 2018 | Earth Intelligence

Advanced geodata: the key to unlocking 5G

Fueled by consumer demand for mobile broadband, new IoT devices, and evolving data service technologies, RF engineers are under pressure to optimize networks for 5G rollouts while maintaining service. Considering the challenges of small cell networks (e.g., high frequency spectrum vulnerabilities) and perpetual population density growth, engineers need a more efficient, accurate way to plan.