At Maxar Technologies, we believe that insights unlock infinite possibilities. And what inspires us, what keeps us pushing beyond the limits of what’s currently possible, is our primary purpose: To create the connections and intelligence that power a better world.

This is a time of tremendous opportunity in the new space economy. There is increased interest and investment, and belief in the potential of emerging space technologies to augment what we know about our changing planet, to explore the universe, to uncover insights to inform decision-makers, and to enable people in all corners of the Earth to have access to communications essential for participating in the global community. The strength behind our leading space technology brands SSL, MDA, DigitalGlobe and Radiant Solutions is our proven ability to serve our diverse commercial and government customers with end-to-end systems capabilities that make a difference in accomplishing their missions. Our capabilities include satellites, ground systems, Earth observation imagery, geospatial data and analytics, advanced propulsion, space robotics, on-orbit servicing and assembly, and protection of space assets through cybersecurity and monitoring of space systems.

Our customers work with us for another critical reason: Trust. Trust is key to who we are and to the relationships we have built with our partners ranging from the U.S. government, the Canadian government and more than a dozen international governments, to commercial aerospace and tech customers around the globe including Lockheed, Boeing, Google and Apple, as well as NGOs such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Jane Goodall Institute. They all trust in our capabilities, our technologies, our expertise and our people. As a result, our customers seek out the innovative solutions, services and data we provide.

Trust in many institutions is on a downward trend, according to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer . Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they were not sure if what they see and read was true or not. However, in the same survey, 64 percent of respondents said they look to business, rather than to governments, to lead positive change.

Trust in a company based on ethical actions, operating with purpose and integrity, and demonstration of a long-term commitment to not just profits, but to making a positive difference in the world is more critical than ever in today’s changing world. Increasingly, both the public and our customers believe it is the responsibility of corporations to lead. It’s no longer whether companies can be a force for positive change: they must be. Trust is also embedded in the guiding values closely held by our 6,500 employees at Maxar. These values are the touchpoints for how we interact with our customers, our business partners and one another and how we successfully grow our business.

In the coming months, I will be sharing stories about the ways we’re unlocking potential in the new space economy and how our future-focused innovation, combined with decades of expertise, is having a positive impact. At Maxar, we are committed to advancing the space industry and serving our customers, fueled by the purpose that drives us forward: To create the connections and intelligence that power a better world.

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SpaceView is CEO Howard Lance’s regular blog series about Maxar Technologies and how its four industry-leading commercial space brands are unlocking the connections and intelligence that Build a Better World.

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