Maxar Intelligence today announces a new world first: its Vivid Advanced imagery basemap is the first 15 cm high-definition (HD) satellite imagery basemap that covers areas of change and population around the world. Vivid Advanced uses recent imagery from our 30 cm-class satellites that is processed with our proprietary HD technology to provide a detailed view of current conditions on the ground, making it an ideal solution for mapping and visualization of cities, suburbs and developing areas across the globe. The clarity of Vivid Advanced 15 cm HD imagery enables digitization of finer map details like road markings and utility lines while also providing realistic and valuable context for navigation and location-based services.

The gold areas in this map are areas of change and population where
Vivid Advanced 15 cm HD imagery basemap coverage is planned over the next few years.

In addition to global metro coverage, Maxar’s Vivid Advanced imagery basemap now offers coverage over areas of change, focusing on where major urban development has been detected, since these are areas where map data is likely out of date. Fresh imagery in a consistent imagery basemap allows mapmakers to quickly and efficiently update their map layers so they can provide accurate navigation, services and contextual layers to their end users.

Vivid Advanced provides benefits to many users, including commercial mapmakers, civil government planners and simulation developers.

Vivid Advanced 15 cm HD imagery basemaps are available now for more than 1 million sq km of global change and population, with over 3 million sq km planned by the end of 2024.

The highest resolution and highest accuracy imagery basemap available commercially

Maxar’s Vivid Advanced imagery basemap provides the best quality, foundational visualization layer for mapping and planning missions.

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