Maxar is proud to be a founding member of the recently formed Space Force Association (SFA), which provides research, analysis and expertise to inform U.S. space policy, strategy and acquisition planning decisions. The association brings together space professionals from the military, civil, commercial and academic communities to drive collaboration and coordination across the enterprise of the newest service branch of the U.S. armed forces. As a founding member, Maxar looks forward to providing meaningful contributions and thought leadership that will enable the SFA to support the U.S. Space Force in its mission to protect American and allied interests in space.

SFA Chief Operating Officer Matt Anderson and Aaron Rogers, Maxar’s Director of Advanced Programs, recently discussed the role of commercial imagery for government missions and how Maxar supports low-latency delivery of intelligence products for customers including the U.S. Department of Defense as well as commercial, civil and humanitarian organizations.

Maxar’s Aaron Rogers speaks with Matt Anderson of the SFA about Maxar’s decision to join as a founding member.

Maxar is the largest provider of commercial Earth imagery to the U.S. government—capturing, processing, analyzing and delivering data with unparalleled resolution, accuracy and speed. Maxar provides superior intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities for persistent global monitoring and situational awareness.

Likewise, Maxar also designs and manufactures space infrastructure and communications elements for geostationary, low-Earth orbit and cis-lunar space that can support Space Force initiatives.

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Maxar helps accelerate U.S. GEOINT and space leadership.

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