The Faces of DigitalGlobe: Devon Libby

By: Maxar Technologies

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The Faces of DigitalGlobe is a series of blog posts highlighting individuals and teams within DigitalGlobe. This month, we are highlighting Devon Libby, Senior Corporate Imagery Services Rep and DigitalGlobe Foundation Manager. Devon grew up in Maine and worked with aerial photography at the James W. Sewall Company in his first GIS/Mapping role. In 2005 he moved to Colorado where he continued his career at Sanborn, focusing on LIDAR mapping and aerial photography. He’s been with Space Imaging/GeoEye/DigitalGlobe since October 2005, where he started in Production, then moved to Product Quality, Marketing and is currently part of the Corporate Communications team. We selected Devon as this month’s Face of DigitalGlobe because he has played integral role in helping shape our 2013 Top Image of the Year contest (launching 12/3) via Facebook. 1. What might you find yourself doing around 10 a.m. on a regular work day? I am lucky to have such a variety of things that I do. I work with so many different people in the company that every day can be really different. I could be evaluating foundation applications, placing imagery orders, building case studies, or even providing cool images to the media. 2. What’s the most interesting use case or problem that you’ve seen DigitalGlobe solve? There are many, but the ones using predictive analytics capabilities are fascinating to me. Water wells for Africa is a perfect example that will always resonate with me. The Foundation helped find suitable locations to place new wells for fresh water, a basic necessity that many African’s do not have, and most of us take for granted. 3. How does your current role support DigitalGlobe’s Purpose Vision and Values (PVV)? My work in the foundation helps support our purpose of Seeing a Better World ™. By granting DigitalGlobe imagery, problems can be solved and decisions can be made in very important areas such as Health, Disaster Response/Recovery, and Environmental Issues. The Foundation is lucky to have so many great case studies under its belt to showcase this – not to mention the possibility of creating more case studies with all of the exciting work that is being done. 4. If you could add any technology/capability to DigitalGlobe’s assets, what would it be? Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are interesting. I like the option of quicker revisit times. 5. What is your favorite restaurant in the Denver area? Zengo, a Latin-Asian fusion restaurant in the Riverfront area. I live so close that it is both a blessing and a curse! Back to Blog

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