Our world is facing a growing number of complex challenges, from more extreme weather brought on by a changing climate and a rapid increase in space debris in Earth’s orbit, to growing geopolitical unrest and ongoing security threats.

The commercial space industry has a critical role to play in managing these challenges, many of which are important environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. Certain datasets and insights that can help address challenges on Earth can only be gained at scale from satellites. And maintaining the sustainability of space itself is an issue that the entire industry is deeply focused on.

Maxar has a longstanding commitment to using our Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure capabilities to drive progress on ESG priorities. We deliver the industry’s most advanced geospatial intelligence solutions to help governments, businesses and others make informed decisions for people and the planet. We also deliver innovative space technologies that help connect and protect society and enable more efficient space exploration. We do all of this while responsibly managing the impacts of our business on the environment and striving to have a positive influence on the communities in which we operate.

We’re proud of the impact we’ve had, but we know we have more work to do. Maxar has made a concerted effort over the past three years to build on our ESG Program and our longstanding focus on responsible corporate citizenship. We recently published our 2022 ESG Report, the second iteration of our annual report which details our policies, programs and practices across key ESG topics.

We’ve learned a lot along the way about where we can have the greatest impact. Some of the areas we are most focused on include:

Space sustainability: Thousands of satellites are being launched into orbit each year, but many aren’t designed to be maneuverable or to properly de-orbit, potentially exacerbating a growing problem of space debris. The space domain also lacks formal governance. To ensure the sustainability of the space environment, Maxar advocates for management policies and the creation of international norms for the space domain. Our own Earth Observation satellites are also designed to be maneuverable to avoid collisions, and we’re also involved in programs like NASA’s OSAM-1 mission that are focused on extending the life of satellites on orbit.

Enabling global transparency: Actionable data is essential to understanding, making informed decisions and solving problems. Earth intelligence from space-based technologies is a scalable, cost-effective source of data to inform decisions and action. Maxar’s high-resolution imagery can provide insights and transparency on challenges such as illegal trafficking and mining and protecting national security. For example, since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, our imagery has provided our partners with visual evidence of what was happening on the ground, helping to combat disinformation and enabling the reporting of the true toll of war. We will continue to make this data accessible for our customers and stakeholders.

Building resilience: Communities need to be sustainable so that they can continue to thrive through changing economic and environmental dynamics. Maxar is committed to supporting the local communities in which we have offices as well as the broader community that do good in the world with grants to a range of nonprofits as well as data philanthropy. In 2022, Maxar released data valued at nearly $14 million through our Open Data Program to aid the response to 20 major crises, from hurricanes to earthquakes and floods. Through the Maxar Better World Foundation, we also awarded grants to support STEM education, disaster recovery and military veterans.

Empowering best-in-class talent: To build a robust workforce, we need to attract diverse talent to this industry. I’m proud that Maxar is making progress and helping to lead the change. In 2022, our CEO Dan Jablonsky became a charter signatory—along with leaders of 20 other space companies—of the Space Workforce 2030 Pledge, committing to taking action to increase the diversity of our talent pipeline and empower talented leaders within our organization. We’ve also partnered with organizations like Rung for Women and several fellowships to provide opportunities for talented candidates to enter our industry.

By continuing to focus on responsible business practices and deliver innovative, we’ll do our part to help build a stronger industry and contribute to a better world.

Maxar’s ESG Priorities and Progress

Read Maxar’s 2022 ESG Report to learn about our ESG policies, programs and impact.

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