The Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has indicated new clusters of Ebola virus in the North Kivu province. Ebola is a constant threat in the DRC, however there is a high confidence with the government and the Ministry of Health that a quick response is key to containing and fighting this outbreak. This new cluster is very different from previous ones as this is an active conflict zone. The major barrier to containing the outbreak will be safely accessing the area and getting aid to the affected population. The World Health Organization will be working with neighboring countries to make sure the appropriate authorities are prepare to respond to more cases or even possibly other outbreaks.

When crises like this occur, DigitalGlobe is committed to supporting the humanitarian community and fulfilling Maxar’s purpose of Building a Better World by providing critical and actionable information to assist response efforts. As part of our Open Data Program, DigitalGlobe will publicly release building footprints data and Radiant Solutions, another Maxar Company, will release roads data and a Human Landscape data set for the affected areas to support disaster response.

Building footprints and road vector layers have been uploaded to the Open Data site. Please continue to check the site for updates on post-event imagery.

We will continue to update this blog post and our social media feeds as more data becomes available.

DRC village showing building footprints vector data
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