Every year, the global geospatial community rallies together for GIS Day, an annual celebration of geography information service (GIS) technology that includes a series of academic and industry outreach events.

The day serves as an important opportunity to engage and educate the next generation of talent about the benefits of geospatial products and services, with the goal of inspiring them to consider careers in the industry.

For GIS Day 2022, Maxar teammates have been volunteering their time today to showcase the industry’s impact on modern society as well as Maxar’s role in leading the remote sensing industry forward to build a better world.

Maxar program leads deliver presentations as part of 2022 GIS Day activities for colleagues in our Arlington office.

This year’s Maxar activities include:

  • U.S. Library of Congress GIS Day (Virtual): Maxar’s Matt Gibb, Manager of Geospatial Tradecraft, delivered a pre-recorded presentation on Maxar for the Library of Congress’ annual GIS Day event. Watch the full session here (Matt's section starts around the 24:00 mark).
  • Westminster, Colorado: We’ve partnered with George Washington High School in Denver to bring 35 students to our headquarters to learn about what we do at Maxar. Activities include a presentation by our News Bureau team, a GEOHive presentation (supported by colleagues from our Tampa office), and a show-and-tell of a robotic arm, among other things.
  • St. Louis, Missouri: Maxar team members participated in an open house at Lindenwood University. Separately, local teams have partnered with colleagues in Westminster to prepare an event at the U.S. Army Engineer School at Fort Leonard Wood, which will feature demonstrations of the Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery (G-EGD) program, the National System for Geospatial Intelligence Open Mapping Enclave (NOME), Precision3D and Human Landscape.
  • Arlington, Virginia: Colleagues hosted an employee event to showcase GIS-related product demos, including CityBox and Crow’s Nest.
  • Ypsilanti, Michigan: A team planned an event for Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program students at the office to learn more about Maxar. The event served approximately 20-30 middle schoolers and high school students.

These activities are part of Maxar’s broader Academic Outreach Program work, which was launched in 2020 with a mission of “inspiring students and faculty by sharing Maxar’s story, fostering the adoption of its technology and advancing collaborative opportunities.” As the operator of the world’s most advanced Earth imaging constellation, Maxar helps advance the GIS sector through best-in-class imagery, data and products that can deliver more precise mapping solutions and more easily detect, monitor and analyze global change.

For example, consider G-EGD. This is a program built and operated by Maxar for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) that provides U.S. government users with current, unclassified, high-resolution imagery in support of operational planning, emergency response and situational awareness. For example, G-EGD can be used to visualize elevation in 3D, map infrastructure sustainability and resiliency, map environmental factors such as vegetation and more.

We hope you get an opportunity to participate in a GIS Day event to learn more about our industry and products and services similar to G-EGD. You can find a listing of activities around the globe here.

Interested in helping us build a better world?

Check out Maxar’s career page.

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