Editor’s note: This is the second blog in the series, “The People of WorldView Legion,” which introduces Maxar team members who are working on the WorldView Legion program and shares their insights on what WorldView Legion means for our customers. The first blog featured Amy Newbury, the Chief Instrument Engineer for WorldView Legion.

Meet Agnieszka Kościelniak: As Maxar's Systems Engineering Manager for the WorldView Legion program, she oversees the team of systems and subsystems engineers and ensures the spacecraft design meets the requirements and Maxar's needs.

1. Maxar: What do you do as the Systems Engineering Manager on the WorldView Legion program?

Agnieszka Kościelniak: I am responsible for the system design of WorldView Legion. I provide technical oversight to the subsystems, which includes managing and complying with contract requirements, orchestrating design reviews and ensuring the proper processes are in place for the team to execute on these complex spacecraft.

My job has entailed a lot of process implementation for the team to ensure that we have the right tools to get the job done.

2. What is your background?

Before WorldView Legion, I held various positions within Maxar’s systems engineering and assembly, integration and test​​​​​​​ (AIT) organizations. I managed the development of two geostationary communications satellites: AsiaSat 8 and BulgariaSat-1, which launched in 2014 and 2017, respectively. Those programs were very much in line with the traditional GEO Comsats we’ve built historically.

3. What has stood out the most to you about the WorldView Legion program?

Implementing the new requirements for WorldView Legion’s components, data management and technical performance takes a lot of time and effort to get right. It makes the project challenging, but it also provides much more freedom in the way we approach problems and determine the available solutions. What’s also exciting is that a lot of the processes and systems created for WorldView Legion are now being used on the newer programs that Maxar is building for NASA and other customers, including the Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) for the lunar Gateway.

4. What teams do you work with on this program?

I regularly work with Maxar team members across Systems and Subsystems Engineering, Product Assurance, AIT and Flight Software. They are all willing to step up to whatever new tasks are required. It’s been a pretty cool journey to watch the collaboration and teamwork come together. Our team is phenomenal.

5. What excites you about WorldView Legion and the opportunities it presents for our customers and the space industry?

Today, the Maxar constellation collects more than 3 million sq km of new high-resolution imagery every single day. When WorldView Legion begins operations, the amount of daily imagery collected will increase to 5 million sq km a day. Imagery from the current Maxar constellation and soon from WorldView Legion permeates our daily life more than most of us realize and acknowledge, from our mapping apps to our national security. We see our imagery in news articles about pivotal current events.

Additionally, the new spacecraft design created by our extremely talented team enables further expansion and enhancement of these capabilities in the future.

Delivering WorldView Legion

At Maxar, we’re harnessing the skills, knowledge, ingenuity and passion of our team members across the company to deliver the best in Space Infrastructure and Earth Intelligence capabilities. Together, we will deploy our WorldView Legion satellites, which will provide unprecedented visibility into our changing planet to solve the biggest challenges facing our world today.

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