I love skiing at Deer Valley Resort, Utah, and do so just about every winter. Although this map of the resort is gorgeous—it’s a handcrafted original by James Niehues that can be found at the Deer Valley Resort website—it’s limited, because 2D trail maps don’t tell the whole story.

Now, compare it to the Vricon 3D image of Deer Valley Ski Resort. You can see more clearly the terrain that the 2D map tries to illustrate.

As a map aficionado, I plan my ski days with the terrain in mind: a few gliders down in the lower section of the mountain to start the day, a couple on the north side of the mountain in the morning to get the best light, as well as a few at the very top while my legs are still fresh.

The lighting makes a big difference for both safety and fun! Knowing what the terrain looks like after looking at our model of the ski resort allows me to know what I’m in for before I get there. 3D models provide a view most of us don’t get, to truly know what we’re in for before we go. Seeing the terrain like this means no accidental off-piste skiing for me! It also lets me daydream about skiing the black diamonds—without the moguls, of course. And I can spend my time on the lift lines daydreaming about which mountaintop mansion I will purchase if I ever win the lottery.

I have been skiing at Deer Valley my whole life, and having the opportunity to view and work on our version of the mountain that I love was a pleasure. Plus, I could answer “Yes!” to our production team’s favorite question: “Have you been there?

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